Collage of Dr. Avitzur photos

In Memoriam: Betzalel Avitzur, MS&E Professor Emeritus, Metal Forming Pioneer, Inaugural Loewy Chair and First Director of the Institute for Metal Forming at Lehigh

      Lehigh’s inaugural Loewy Chair, Dr. Avitzur, passed away at age 96 on January 19th, 2022. Dr. Avitzur founded Lehigh’s Institute for Metal Forming (IMF), which is now known as The Loewy Institute. Throughout his life, Dr. Avitzur’s research and teaching made numerous, substantial contributions to metal forming in both industry and academia. A detailed account of his education, research, and contributions can be found here; his obituary can be read here.  

      We would like to offer our condolences to Dr. Avitzur’s family and friends, as well as thank him for all that he contributed over his life.