Image of MetalMatter team logo and portrait photo of GSIF Philippine team member Kat Van Burskirk

Meet the Loewy GSIF Philippines MetalMatter Team: Kat Van Buskirk

Kat Van Buskirk, class of ’27, is an undergraduate Architecture major at Lehigh University; her metal forming processes of interest include extrusion and forging.


[1] What excites you about this project?

     This project excites me because it is an opportunity for me to make an impact in the world. By reducing the metal waste in the Philippines the people of Manila will live a cleaner and more comfortable life.

     Additionally, the products made from these metals interest me as an architecture major as we continue to discover what sustainable and useful materials we are able to build.

[2] How do you envision this project helping you achieve your academic and career goals?

     This project provides me with opportunities for professional development as it has led me through the crucial underlying steps to getting a project started. I have learned the importance of communication and how to get different people excited about a project.

     Additionally, I get the opportunity to explore my major in a hands-on setting and truly understand the different aspects of architecture including design, project management, sustainability, etc.