Image of MetalMatter logo and portrait photo of Cherrie Ruan.

Meet the Loewy GSIF Philippines MetalMatter Team: Cherrie Ruan

Cherrie Ruan, class of ’27, is an undergraduate Civil Engineering major at Lehigh University; her metal forming processes of interest include forging and surface finishing.


[1] What excites you about this project?

     I am excited about this project because of its intersection with infrastructure and public policy. As an aspiring civil engineer, I am interested in how this project can enhance sustainability in the built environment.

     While aluminum is widely used in construction, the production of primary aluminum and conventional metal recycling methods are not very environmentally friendly.

     By using ShAPETM, we can reduce carbon emissions in the aluminum industry and minimize metal waste. I am also interested in exploring this project’s potential to expand to include other metals like steel and make the use of recycled metals more widespread in other industries and regions beyond the Philippines.

[2] How do you envision this project helping you achieve your academic and career goals?

     This project will help my academic and professional goals by providing me with the unique opportunity to gain research experience and collaborate with different disciplines.

     Since this project primarily involves materials science, it would serve as a nice complement to my engineering studies by broadening my knowledge of the properties of metals and sustainability, which I can apply to my future work.