PowderMet2023 Grants (Michael Pires: MPIF, Conner Larocque: NSF)

Loewy Institute Graduate Researcher Michael Pires Awarded 2023 MPIF Grant & Loewy Institute Undergraduate Researcher Conner Larocque Awarded 2023 NSF Grant, for PowderMet2023

     Please join us in congratulating Loewy Institute graduate researcher Michael Pires and Loewy Institute undergraduate researcher Conner Larocque on winning a 2023 MPIF Grant and 2023 NSF Grant, respectively, for the PowderMet2023 Conference! 

     Additional information regarding the grants can be found below, from the MPIF website:

“The National Science Foundation (NSF), Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology/Axel Madsen, and Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) Conference Grants provide students with the opportunity to participate and exchange ideas with leading researchers and engineers from worldwide industry and governmental facilities, as well as the students and faculty from both domestic and international universities. The recipients attend the full conference, giving them the chance to learn the latest research areas and results in powder metallurgy fields of interest. These opportunities will not only improve the students’ knowledge in the field, but also develop scientists and engineers who are ideally suited to create the next generation of designs in powder metallurgy and metal additive manufacturing that will push materials and manufacturing capabilities. We estimate that over one-third of the past recipients, those that are not still students, are working in fields connected to PM.”

(Source: https://www.mpif.org/Events/PowderMet2023/Student-Grant-Information-2023.aspx)