Jacob Nyholm Week 5 Loewy Institute Summer 2023 Mountaintop Preview Image

Jacob Nyholm Mountaintop Experience 2023 Week 5: Chromebooks and Experiments

     This week, my old high school generously donated ten chromebooks for our group to use in our experiment, securing the material needed for our future research. Due to their dangerous nature, the group removed each battery pack and put them in a secure location so as to avoid any unwanted situations. As we will be moving onto designing and implementing an experiment as a proof of concept for our project, I have also spent this week thinking of a relevant design that would be able to be done with our current resources. I believe that a basic concept to test would be the effect of different inorganic salts at different weight percentages on the specific heat of water. If it is shown that there is a salt that substantially lowers the specific heat of water, our previous idea of using an inorganic salt to make heating the water to a subcritical state for debromination with less energy could be viable.

Chromebook battery
One of the more bloated battery packs in the donated chromebooks. Evidently, it would be dangerous to leave these lying around.