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Gaby Ramirez Mountaintop Experience 2023 Week 5

     On Monday we had a meeting with Professor Animesh Kundu, where we talked about ball milling. This meeting was very insightful and I was made aware of issues that can come with ball milling PCBs which I had not thought about before. This week I researched more about ball milling and look into the ball mill we have on hand. I also studied a bit more about some specifics of the debromination process for PCBs. As a group, we made a document highlighting a couple of possible directions we can move towards with this project, and decided on a method Jacob had looked into using inorganic salts to change the specific heat of water. 

     We also were able to take out the lithium-ion batteries from all 11 Chromebooks we have and started disassembling a couple of them even further.

Chromebook disassembly image (with CPU heatsinks on top of Chromebook).
Chromebooks which we further took apart some of the pieces.
Disassembled Chromebook with swollen battery.
Swollen lithium-ion batteries. We removed all of these from the Chromebooks.