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Gaby Ramirez Mountaintop Experience 2023 Week 6: Moving Forward

     This week we had a meeting with Clean Earth where we learned more about E-waste recycling and their processes. I gained a better understanding from a business perspective and kept new considerations in mind when it comes to safety and cost/revenue. Overall this visit was successful and very engaging as we saw all the different processes of recycling E-waste come into play.

Image of Loewy Institute Summer 2023 Moutaintop Experience undergraduate researchers at CleanEarth Facility.
Picture from Clean Earth visit. Pictured on right is Michael Pauzano, Facility Manager.

     I researched into different inorganic salts and studied more about the chemistry of various salts such as potassium carbonate and sea salt in order to understand how they can be incorporated into our project. We had also developed a procedure and materials list for the experiment, where I found a previous experiment I completed, which is similar to what we are investigating. We will build on that process in order to greater fit our goal of the experiment and conduct multiple trials with each salt to test how they affect the specific heat of the water.