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Jacob Nyholm Mountaintop Experience 2023 Week 6: Site Visit and Press Conference

     This week, quite a few short term goals were completed by the group. We were able to visit the facility of Clean Earth, a universal E-Waste recycling company located in Allentown. The visit provided us with helpful information in the organization of their process and value of separation of parts. One of the main points spoken about was how grouping all the same parts into one package based on metal content and value substantially increases their profit. In addition to our site visit, our group determined the procedure for our experiment, along with the list of materials and equipment needed. As the experiment is similar to a classroom experiment in Physics 1, I contacted the professor who wrote the lab procedure to ask if we would be able to use the equipment that the lab used beforehand. 

Scaled down image of Mike from Clean Earth with Loewy Institute 2023 undergraduate researchers.
The team with Clean Earth Facility Manager Michael Pauzano.