Composite image of Gaby's week 7 blog post.

Gaby Ramirez Mountaintop Experience 2023 Week 7: Setting up for the Experiment

     Continuing building on our experiment, this week I worked on writing some pre-experiment reports. I followed a lab report template from a previous class I did work for, in order to organize the information for the experiment easier. Some pre-experiment writing I worked on include the purpose/goal of the experiment, as well as the procedure we will follow. An excel spreadsheet with data tables was also created in order to keep track of all the trials we will do for each salt. 

Spreadsheet laying out the various salt experiments.
Excel spreadsheet created for ease of access to data.

     Additionally, I focused on making the poster for the summer expo on August 3rd.

Loewy Institute Summer 2023 Mountaintop Experience Expo Poster draft.
Poster draft, yet to be finalized.