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Jacob Nyholm Mountaintop Experience 2023 Week 7: Posters and Prices

     This week was spent getting a poster ready for the summer expo on August 3rd and preparing for the experiment of the project for the summer. I was in contact with both the Physics and Chemistry departments to secure equipment, space and guidance for the experiment and to confirm the materials used in the experiment wouldn’t cause risk to the group or lab space. Thanks to the advice from both departments, we were able to finalize the list of salts to use in the experiment and find the prices of each salt. Fortunately, the cost of the materials for the experiment fall within the budget provided to the group by the Mountaintop Summer Experience program.

Table of salt pricing and quantities.
A list and breakdown of the costs for the needed amount of salts for the experiment, each at the lowest amount needed. Sea Salt (NaCl) can only come in 500g batches, thus the sudden jump in amount.